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2K Aerosols for Touch-Up

AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings’ innovative two-component Spray2Fix aerosol is engineered to contain multi-component products in one convenient, easy to use aerosol package. Spray2Fix aerosol provides high output, larger spray patterns than conventional aerosols and excellent atomization with constant pressure. The distinctive features of Spray2Fix provide paint technicians with a mobile high quality spot repair solution that is ready for use at any time.

Convenience and Flexibility

The Spray2Fix aerosol can be activated for use by simply breaking the inner seal. This will evacuate the hardener from the cylinder into the base paint material. Once activated, the base and hardener need to be mixed together by shaking vigorously for two to three minutes. After shaking and in some cases a little induction time, the Spray2Fix aerosol is ready-to-apply at point of repair.

Environmental Aspects

The Spray2Fix aerosol contains the optimal paint quantity for spot repairs. The advanced spray head and valve technology generate a wide jet spray just like a spray gun but with significantly less overspray. This allows one to do more with less and to achieve a better environmental and economic performance.

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Features & Benefits


  • 2K in one aerosol
  • Constant atomizing pressure
  • Rotating spray nozzle


  • EconomicalAccurate proportioning
  • Excellent flow and leveling
  • Quick drying
  • Easy to Use
  • Professional paint results
  • Flexibility in aligning spray pattern