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High Solids, Exterior Primers and Topcoats

The unique Aviox sytem utilizes the latest advances in low VOC, high solids technology and answers the industry’s request for environmentally responsible coatings. The Aviox Advanced Series exceeds the stringent specifications of airframe manufacturers and airline maintenance bases, providing a user-friendly system that extends durability and in-service performance.

Excellent Performance

Aviox products perform under varied climate conditions anywhere in the world. For ease of application, choice of dry-to-tape times, greater coverage from fewer coats, less rework, less labor and less time on the ground, Aviox delivers every time.

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Full Coating System

Aviox Primer 37098

A smooth, low VOC, high solids primer applied directly to bare metal eliminates the need for a conversion coating. It protects against corrosion, is fast drying and compatible with other AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings polyurethane topcoats.

Aviox CF Primer 37124

This high solids chrome free primer is formulated as a refresh primer for application over basic primers. It provides chrome free corrosion inhibition and excellent adhesion properties.

Aviox Finish 77702

This low VOC, lead-free topcoat is formulated to provide dry time flexibility and excellent color stability under varied conditions. Its sag resistance reduces the need for rework. Touch-up and repair capability ensures timely delivery of the aircraft.

Aviox Advanced Mica

Micas have become a favorite in creating a unique appearance on aircraft liveries. This repairable low VOC, high solids formulation is the world leader in mica technology. Its flexible dry-to-tape properties allow for effiecient application under diverse environmental conditions Available in fine effect, coarse effect, interference effect and super sparkle effect.

Aviox Clearcoat UVR

Extend the life and provide extreme durability to your Aviox system with a fluid and UV-resistant clearcoat. Designed to have the same flexbility of dry-to-tape times as the Aviox family of finishes, Aviox Clearcoat UVR decreases dirt pick-up, is easy to clean and will retain the sought after “wet look” for years.