Military Aircraft Camouflage Topcoat

Aerodur 5000 is a two component, camouflage, polyurethane topcoat created to protect military aircraft with little work and great results. With an exhaustive study to determine the ultimate combination of raw materials, and years of development including flight test results, we are confident you’ll be pleased with its performance.

Ideal Applications

Aerodur 5000 is ideal for military camouflage application, including OEM aircraft, scheduled maintenance, quick repairs, and all aircraft that need a fast turn time.


  • MIL-PRF-85285 TY IV
  • Airbus AIMS 04.04.036 (in conjunction with Aviox CF Primer)

Enhanced Performance

AkzoNobel’s innovative and dedicated research and development phase for this high performance coating has yielded superior durability characteristics for its class.

  •  Resists chemicals, including hydraulic fluids
  •  Maintains a consistent matte finish and color, no matter the film thickness or application conditions
  • Stenciling window extended 48 hours
  • Highly mar resistant
  •  Smooth profile finish • Superior cleanability

Less is More

  • With less time required on the ground, less problems or application mistakes, less worry and less hassle, you gain more confidence and credibility with Aerodur 5000.
  • Less time on the ground required
  • Less application errors no matter what level of experience
  • Reduce or eliminate re-work costs
  • Consistent quality of finish
  • More application confidence and credibility


Aerodur 1 copy

Aerodur 2 copy